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June. 2021
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Reception time 
Dates: Aug. 7-9 2020 

Notice to visitors
1. Only for professional visitors, no admission if they are not well dressed;
2. Professional visitors can obtain free visit certificate through online pre registration or on-site registration;
3. After the pre registered audience passes the examination and confirmation, they will enjoy the "fast channel" for admission and visit without queuing;
4. Visitors who register at the scene shall take your business card and fill in the visitor registration form at the scene, and then exchange for the visiting certificate for admission and visit;
5. For the convenience of visiting, please check the site schematic;
6. Take care of your belongings during the visit;
7. It is strictly prohibited to bring inflammable, explosive and other dangerous goods and any animals into the exhibition hall;
8. Please observe the exhibition in a civilized way and take good care of the exhibits in the exhibition hall. If there is any damage, please compensate according to the price;
9. The staff have the right to ask the personnel who cause chaos to leave the site;
10. Without the written permission of the organizer of the exhibition, the ticket holders shall not conduct public surveys, public opinion polls, fund-raising or donation to the visitors.


The 10th China International Automotive Interiors and Exteriors Exhibition
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